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Q:  Your houses look very nice, but they look more expensive than I can afford, do you guys only do expensive luxury homes?

A:  No, we can work with all budgets.  You will receive the same attention to detail regardless of budget.  We can work with you to find cost saving measures without sacrificing quality or design.  Our process allows us to get more accurate estimates prior to construction, and we will be realistic with you regarding costs needed to achieve your design goals.  We do not under bid just to get a project.

Q:  Do I have to own land before I can begin planning or building my home?

A:  No, we can either help you find property to build on, or you can build on our land in one of our residential developments.

Q:  Do you build commercial projects?

A:  Yes, we have an extensive knowledge in commercial building, several years of experience, and the right team to get the job done.

Q:  I want to build in the country, but our land does not have utilities on it, can we still build a home there?

A:  Yes, building in the country has unique challenges not seen in the City.  We have done many homes in the country and have the expertise and right additional contractors needed to drill water wells, install septic systems, provide internet solutions, clear unwanted brush and trees, create building pads, install generators, install roads, and work with electrical providers.

Q:  Do I need to have a set of plans before we talk to you about building?

A:  No, we offer full service design in house.  We can custom design your home or commercial building, help with material and fixture selections, create drawings used for bidding, construction, and by the lender for financing.  This also helps to ensure design solutions are fully integrated into construction while we are building your home or commercial building.

Q:  We already have our own floor plan.  Can you build it?

A:  Yes, we can use your floor plan as long as it meets criteria to build from.

Q:  What is the time frame to build our home?

A:  Depending on size, complexity, and location of the home, the build time will vary.  Most homes take between 6 to 8 months to build depending on weather or other delays out of the control of the builder.

Q:  What type of financing do you require to build?

A:  If you are financing, you will need a construction loan.  Lenders have many financing programs available.  We have existing relationships with multiple preferred lenders in the area to help make financing go smoothly.

Q:  What if I have a separate sub-contractor?

A:  If you would like to use a specific sub-contractor, we will give consideration to using them in the construction of your home or business.  We would need references and the opportunity to see any recent work they have completed.

Q:  When do I start insuring the property?

A:  You are generally not responsible for insuring your new home or business until you have closed on the refinance loan.  Your lender will let you know when the policy will need to go into effect.  Throughout construction a Builders Risk Insurance policy will be in effect to cover any damage or loss related to the actual construction that may occur prior to completion.  Unlike a lot of builders, Bison Creek Homes carries additional General Liability Insurance to cover personal injury, loss of life or property.

Q:  What kind of warranty do you provide on my home?

A:  10 year limited 1-2-10 home buyer's warranty by StrucSure Home Warranty / 1 Year warranty for workmanship and materials / Direct manufactures warranty on applicable items

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