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You are setting yourself apart from the rest when you build with Bison Creek Homes.  From innovative floor plans and distinctive designs to quality materials and superior service, you will find a home building experience with Bison Creek Homes is a true custom experience and second to none.

Your home will give you peace of mind knowing that low maintenance, energy efficiency, structural soundness, and durability are at the fore-front of a home that provides quiet, comfortable, and spacious living while customized to suit Your tastes. 

  • Customized framing through-out.

  • Customized appliances, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures through-out.

  • Customized tile and flooring systems through-out.

  • Customized cabinets and counter-tops through-out.

  • Customized closets, shelving, and built-in's through-out.

  • Customized painting, ship-lapping, stone, and other finishes available.

  • Oversized garages.

  • All high grade lumber.

  • Soils testing to ensure your home has the right foundation for the land on which it sits.

  • All projects are professionally inspected.

  • Fully engineered concrete foundation.

    • This is the most important part of your home and we give it the attention and quality it deserves.

    • Designed by a licensed structural engineer.

    • Piers will be provided if required or requested.

  • Heavy duty anchor bolts attach frame to foundation.

  • Wood framed construction 16" on center framing for all walls, ceilings, and floor trusses.

  • Pressure treated boards are used on concrete.

  • Zip wall sheathing or equivalent.

    • Provides added structural strength and durability

    • Built-in water resistance

  • Tongue & Groove 1-1/8" plywood for 2nd level floors.

  • Quality water softener systems

  • High velocity wind strapping available with framing.

  • High quality Sherwin Williams paint.

  • Top quality PEX plumbing with circulatory looping.

    • no longer need to wait on hot water to reach your fixture.​

    • energy efficient option with superior performance.

    • significant cost and maintenance savings over tankless.

  • Various owner walk-throughs will take place during construction to assure design intent and specifications are met. 

  • Owners of Bison Creek Homes are involved in every project.

Construction Site.JPG
  • Spray-in foam insulation (Full Foam Encapsulation).

    • Industry leading product for insulating your home.

    • Continuous air barrier promotes greater energy efficiency.

    • Greater energy efficiency than homes with batt or blown-in insulation methods.

    • Cooler attic spaces.

    • Lower electric bills.

    • Other insulation methods (batt or blown-in) available upon request.

  • Energy efficient windows

    • Unlike a lot of builders, we provide better than builder grade windows.​

  • Top quality heat and air conditioning units.

  • Energy efficient water heating.

  • All projects are fully caulked and sealed at doors, windows, and other penetrations.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances.

  • Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat.

  • Insulation between 1st and 2nd floor is available.

  • Interior wall insulation is available.

Entry Furnished.JPG
  • Generous allowances for your personalized shopping trips to all of our vendor showrooms.

  • Custom cabinets with hidden hinges and full extension guides

  • Customized trim package

    • Tall baseboards and wide casing. Other custom moldings and beams if desired.

    • Custom built closet organization to client's needs.

    • Durable stainless steel closet rods

  • Ability to meet your custom smart home technology needs.

  • Ability to meet your custom home audio and video needs.


Make building a home fun again!  If you are tired of dealing with builders that send you to unlicensed drafting companies and home decorators with limited resources and limited knowledge, only to come away with the same finishes and fixtures that you see everywhere else, then know that there is a better option!  At Bison Creek Homes not only is a licensed Architect available to design you a one-of-a-kind dream home, a licensed interior designer is here to help walk you through the process of the interior finish and fixture selections of your home. This includes help with pulling together items in your home such as: flooring, countertops, tile, wall texture, paint, stain, plumbing fixtures, appliances, hardware, and lighting.


Energy Efficiency.jpg
  • Second master suites, in-law suites, separate guest apartment quarters.

  • 3+ car garages available.

  • Standing seam metal and other specialty roofs.

  • Fully engineered, reinforced concrete vault-type above ground safe rooms tornado shelters.

  • Quality water filtration systems including RO systems ensuring whole house water purity.

  • Quartz, granite, marble, custom wood, and other specialty countertops.

  • Residential elevators.

  • Back-up generators.

  • Interior and exterior customized wood beams and truss structures.

  • Household pet entrances.

  • Customized windows with all opening types available.

  • Customized window wall systems.

  • Customized landscape and irrigation packages.

  • Hidden rooms, pantries, and closets available.

  • Customized glass and mirror options.

  • Home theaters and movie rooms.

  • Customized up lighting, eave lighting, landscape lighting available.

  • In wall pest defense system.

  • Automatic window shading available.

  • Automatic roll-down porch screening available.


  *subject to owner's choice*


Safe Room.jpg
  • Shop buildings of all shapes, sizes, and configurations are available.

    • Insulated, concrete foundation, automatic and manual large bay roll up doors available, 12 ft tall and higher side walls available.​

    • Customized electrical and lighting.

    • Ability to finish-out with living and entertainment spaces.

  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, decking, outdoor kitchens, cabanas available.

    • These items are more cost effective to build prior to the completion of your home so let Bison Creek Homes work hand-in-hand with our partner builders to provide you with these items and give you a true and complete dream home experience the day the keys to your new home are put in your hands.​

    • Competitive pricing and a wide variety of options and designs are available to you.


Shop Building.jpg
  • 10 year limited 1-2-10 home buyer's warranty by StrucSure Home Warranty

  • 1 Year warranty for workmanship and materials

  • Direct manufactures warranty on applicable items

  • Homeowner Builders Risk Policy

    • Protects your investment from disasters during construction.​

  • GL Policy

    • Helps cover items that a homeowner builders risk policy does not.​


  *peace of mind*


We take pride in building high quality construction using only the best materials and contractors to create energy efficient construction that fits your budget. Thank you for considering us for your building needs!
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